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The College of Life Science and Health (CLSH) is a young college established in 2017 by the Institute of Biology and Medicine after five years of continuous development and expansion. Adhering to the people-oriented, advocating academic, international vision, the pursuit of excellence construction concept, CLSH achieved great-leap-forward development in subject construction, scientific research, education and other aspects. At present, CLSH has two departments (the Department of Biology and the Department of Biomedical Engineering), and possesses several research centers, such as the Center for Stem Cell Research, the Research Center for Tumor Cell Therapy, and the Key Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology. Moreover, CLSH has a total of more than 3500 million yuan of scientific equipments and a total area of more than 6000 square meters of research bases. CLSH is mainly engaged in gene transcription and regulation, tumor pathogenesis and therapy, stem cells and regenerative medicine, molecular diagnosis, biopharmaceutical and clinical efficacy research, in which the research of cell therapy of hematological tumor is in the leading level in China.

The CLSH has 25 staff members (All have doctoral degrees), including 3 doctoral supervisors, 4 professors and 3 associate professors, 1 national Changjiang Scholar, 1 100 people Plan in Hubei Province, 1 teacher in Hubei Province. There are 3 specially appointed professors in Chu Tian Scholars in Hubei Province; 5 Chu Tian Scholars in Hubei Province; 2 WUST foreign special professors and 1 expert who has made outstanding contributions to the country and enjoys the special subsidy from the government; One person has been named as a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Hubei Province, and more than 10 people have held important academic posts in various foreign professional provincial and municipal societies and associations.

The college has set up a biotechnology undergraduate program, with a master's degree authorization point in biology, a master's degree authorization point in biomedical engineering, and a doctor's degree authorization point in biomedical engineering.

Professor William Carl Skarnes, internationally renowned leader of developmental genomics and principal researcher of Sanger Research Institute of Cambridge University, is employed as honorary dean and special professor in CLSH. Meanwhile, the CLSH insists on education innovation and focuses on cultivating innovative talents with both ability and integrity. It has established cooperative relations with famous universities and scientific research institutions in the world, such as Duke University, Anderson Cancer Center, Cambridge University, and Oxford University. In order to promote the competence of biology in international academic exchanges, CLSH often invites famous scholars to give lectures at the university.

Adhering to the motto of Wuhan University of Science and Technology of being virtuous and knowledgeable, worshiping reality and going to float, CLSH takes the cultivation of talents as the fundamental task, the construction of the contingent as the core, and the subject construction as the leader, and insists on the scientific road with connotation and coordinated development. Finally, after making these arduous efforts, CLSH can always be in the forefront of the field of life science.