Prof. Weihai Chen

Report TitleConstruction and application of stimulus-responsive drug delivery system

Report Location: Huangjiahu campus No. 10 Building 100207

Report Time: 9:30 am, 10th Dec 2021 

Introduction: Prof. Weihai Chen graduated from Wuhan University and then  engaged in postdoctoral research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. He is a professor in the School of Chemistry and  Molecular Science of Wuhan University. He has been selected into the  National overseas High-level talents Youth Project and Hubei  Province's 100 talents Plan. The main  research directions are as follows: 1) develop a variety of tumor  microenvironment intelligent response nano-drug delivery system,  in-depth study of the application of tumor targeted drug delivery in  cancer therapy; 2) Expanding the application of advanced functional  materials in the field of tumor therapy, develop a new type of  multi-functional nano-platform for photothermal, photodynamic and  multi-mode combined therapy, which greatly improves the efficiency of  tumor therapy. 3) A new strategy of  multi-functional nano-transport of loaded biomolecules has been  developed, and an efficient enzyme cascade catalyst for the treatment of  diabetes.