National project
NumberFund   categoryTimeNameNumberManager
1NSFC2018.01-2021.12Mechanisms   of the activation of STING-mediated type I interferon signaling by   chlorquinaldol31800752Zhou   Xiang
2NSFC2018/01-2022/12Transcriptional   factor Myocardin regulates cardiac calcium channel protein expression and its   mechanism31770815Zhang   Tongcun
3NSFC2017.01-2020.12The   role of BRF1 in RNA polymerase I-directed gene transcription and its   mechanism of action31671357Wensheng   Deng
4NSFC2018.01-2020.12 Antioxidant resveratrol-loaded TiO2 nanotube   arrays for enhancing osteointegration31700824Xu   Na
5NSFC2018/01-2021/12Mechanism   of WDR1 Regulating the Development of Second Heart Field in Mouse Heart31701266Yuan   Baiyin
6NSFC2017.1-2019.12MRTF-A   regulating PAX7 mediated muscle regeneration and its molecular mechanism31600617Xu   Yao
7NSFC2016.01   - 2018.12Molecular   mechanism of lncRNA HOTAIR and MRTF-A synergistically promoting tumor cell   migration and invasion31500622Zheng   Peng
8NSFC2016.1-2018.12The   role of cytoskeletal filament protein A in the differentiation of embryonic   stem cells into early neural cells and its mechanism31501099Zhao   Shasha
9NSFC2016.1-2019.12Epigenetic   mechanism of NRSF negatively regulating myocardin-induced cardiac hypertrophy31570764Zhang   Tongcun
10NSFC2016.1-2018.12MRTF-A   and STAT3 regulate breast cancer EMT and its mechanism31501149Liao   Xinghua
11NSFC2016-2019Study   on biofilm formation on the surface of medical titanium alloy by biomimetic   nano-column bifunctional coating81571816Gao   Biao
12NSFC2016-2018Plasma-implanted   modified three-dimensional graphene promotes directional differentiation of   neural stem cells and in situ bioelectrical signal monitoring31500783Zhang   Xuming
13NSFC2015.1-2015.12Osteogenic   Differentiation and Mechanism of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Induced   by Nanotube Arrays with Slow Release of Sr and Zn on Titanium Implants31440042Fu   Jijiang
14NSFC2015/01-2017/12Molecular   mechanism of VEGF affecting transcription factor Stat3 and myocardin   regulating phenotypic transition of vascular smooth muscle cells31401117Bao   Leyuan
15NSFC2015/01-2018/12Mechanism   of GTAT4 and Myocardin interaction regulating cardiac hypertrophy31471282Xing   Weibing
16NSFC2015.1-2015.12Mechanism   of estrogen receptor (ERα) inhibiting Myocardin transcriptional activity and   promoting uterine fibroids31440038Zhang   Tongcun
17NSFC201401-201712Molecular   regulation mechanism of telomere-telomerase and its potential application in   anti-tumor31371385Xin   Huawei
18NSFC 2013/01-2016/12MRTF-A   inhibits proliferation of breast cancer cells induced by ER-a31200955Hu   Peng
19NSFC 2013/01-   2016/12Mechanism   of Stat3 inhibiting myocardin-induced cardiac hypertrophy31270837Zhang   Tongcun
20NSFC 2013/01-2016/12The   role of cytoskeletal filament protein A in RNA polymerase III-directed gene   transcription and its mechanism31271395Wensheng   Deng
21NSFC 2011/01-2013/02Calcium   signaling pathway activates myocardin-induced cardiac hypertrophy and its   mechanism31070694Cao   Dongsun
22NSFC 2010/01-2012/02Effect   of histone acetylation/deacetylation on myocardial hypertrophy induced by   myocardin and its regulatory mechanism30970615Cao   Dongsun
Provincial and municipal projects
NumberFund   categoryTimeNameNumberManager
1Hubei   Provincial Natural Science Fund2014-2015Study   on the mechanism of Nrf 1 and anticancer drug resistance30970615Dong   Jian
2Provincial   and ministries and commissions co-construction201409-201609Study   on the application of thermophilic archaea in complex sulphide ore   bioleaching (metallurgy)G201408Xin   Huawei
3Hubei   Provincial Natural Science Fund2012-2013Mechanism   of MRTF-A Activation of Tumor Suppressor Gene maspin Inducing Breast Cancer   Cell Differentiation2011CDB0Zhang   Tongcun
4NSF   of Hubei Province2017-2019The   role of WDR1 in vascular smooth muscle cells involved in vascular injury   repair process2016CFB172Yuan   Baiyin
5NSF   of Hubei Province2017-2020Transcription   factor KLF5 inhibits VEGF-induced tumor angiogenesis and its molecular   mechanism2016CFB171Xu   Yao
6Hubei   Provincial Department of Education2016-2018Construction   of MRTF-A interacting protein networkB2016004Zheng   Peng
7Health   And Family Plannig Commission of Hubei Province2017.1-2018.12Mechanism   of MRTF-A in tumor suppressor gene maspin inhibiting breast cancerWJ2017M173Liao   Xinghua
8Hubei   Provincial Natural Science Fund2017.08-2019.08Modification   of phenotype and mechanism of vascular smooth muscle cells regulated by   nitrosylation of Myocardin2017CFB537Liao   Xinghua
9Hubei   Provincial Department of Education2017.08-2019.08RhoA-MRTF-A   and JAK-STAT3 regulate the migration and mechanism of breast cancerB2017009Liao   Xinghua
10Hubei   Provincial Natural Science Fund2017.08-2019.08Construction   and Mechanism of Drug Nano-coating on Titanium Surface to Promote Bone Repair   Function2017CFB191Xu   Na
11Wuhan   Applied Basic Research2017.08-2019.08Study   on Activation and Clearance Strategies of HIV Concealed Virus   Reservoir2017060201010193Gu   Chaojiang
12Hubei   Provincial Natural Science Fund2017.08-2019.08The   regulation of RBPJ - mediated Notch signaling pathway by SFMBT1 in mouse   nerve cells2017CFB196Wang   Qiong
13Hubei   Provincial Natural Science Fund2018.1-2019.12In   vivo induction of regeneration of retinal neural stem cells into rod neurons2018CFB43Yao   Kai 
14Hubei   Provincial Natural Science Fund2018.08-2020.08STAT3 and p300 synergistically regulate CX43-mediated   proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells and its mechanism2018CFB369Li   Hui
15Open   Project of Key Laboratory of Biomedical Analytical Chemistry of Wuhan   University2017.08-2019.08Construction   of enzyme-free glucose sensor based on nickel-doped TiO2 nanotube array   composite electrode and its applicationACBM2017007Xu   Na